A boon for your immunity


ASTHPRASH aids in boosting the immune system and protects the body from everyday infections like cough & cold and is the star product of Adila's Biotech division. Not only that but it also a boon for people suffering from pneumonia, swine flu, cold & cough, sinusitis, rhinitis, sore throat, smokers cough, bronchitis, chronic bronchitis and infection of respiratory tract.

It strengthens lung tissue to improve respiratory performance and shortness of breath. Removes tar formed due to intake of cigarette, tobacco and tobacco products and keeps you healthy.

Explore a taste like never before

Yum Dum

With its exciting range of exclusively curated ready-to-eat snacks, including Chips, Namkeens and other finger-licking munchies, Yum Dum aims to bring a sophisticated snacking experience to you.

With the favourite spice and seasonings of millennials, every bite is such a delight to your tastebuds that you can’t help coming back for more. While curating our range of products, we are always brainstorming on what our consumer is looking for – be it more healthy snack alternatives including more whole grains orless saturated fats. Our funky packaging is a feast to your eyes.

YumDum is more than just snacks. It’s an invitation to catch up with friends on a Friday movie night or your knight-in-spicy-armour when the maid is on leave.

So sit back, relax and get on-board on a crunchy roller-coaster with Yum Dum.